This website is dedicated to the research of Dr. Alexandra Lesk who is a classical archaeologist with expertise in ancient art and architecture, especially Athenian. She has worked in Greece, Italy and Turkey, and lives with her husband and two children in Nottingham, UK.

Dr. Alexandra Lesk

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Dr. Lesk wrote her Ph.D.thesis on the Erechthieon on the Athenian Akropolis

Recent News

EreCAD a wiki set up to provide you with the AutoCAD templates, examples and files created during the research into the Erechtheion.
Alex and Paul have recently published the third and final article in the series for the CSA Newsletter on the computer modelling of the Erechtheion.

Alex has almost completed her teacher training course to qualify as a high school teacher of science. She is looking forward to taking up a post as a Physics teacher in the Autumn.

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The Erechtheion
AutoCAD templates and examples for archaeologists and architects created during the research into the Erechtheion