Louise Taft Semple Fellowship                                                                                                   1996 - 2004
        $15,000/year to support graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati Tuition Scholarship                                                                                1996 - 2004
        $12,000/year to cover tuition at the University of Cincinnati
Cedric Boulter Fellowship                                                                                                            2003
$500 to support dissertation research during the summer of 2003
Samuel Kress Travel Fellowship                                                                                                 2001-2002
        $5,000 to support travel to foreign research institutions for doctoral dissertation 
Dorot Foundation Graduate Student Travel Award                                                                      2002-2004
$1164 to cover travel expenses to deliver papers at the AIA Meetings in Philadelphia
        New Orleans and
San Francisco
University of Cincinnati Graduate Student Council Scholarship                                                 
$450 to cover travel and expenses to Smith College Archives to consult documents on 
        Harriet Boyd  Hawes, Northampton, Massachusetts
University Research Council Summer Fellowship                                                                      2001
$1,700 to support two months’ dissertation research in Athens, Greece
ASCSA Field Scholarship                                                                                                           
        $3,000 to participate in the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Summer Session
Mary A. Sollman Scholarship                                                                                                     
       $1,400 to participate in the American Academy at Rome Summer Programme
Lincoln College Graduate Research Award                                                                               
        £318 awarded by the Senior Tutor’s Committee for travel to the excavations at Palaikastro
Dartmouth General Fellowship                                                                                                   
$3,000 to support graduate studies at the University of Oxford
Presidential Scholar                                                                                                                   
1993 - 1995
$500 for production costs of Senior Honours Thesis after at wo-year research
       programme in Archaeology
Raynolds Expedition Fund Grant                                                                                               
        $2,000 to conduct research in Greece and Turkey on ancient healing sanctuaries for
        Honours Thesis
Academic Citations from Dartmouth College                                                                            
Ancient Greek, Physics, Greek Mythology, Independent Study on Foreign Study Programme
Headmaster's Award                                                                                                                 
       For highest achieving all-around student at the Lycée Canadien en France.

            World Congress of Science and Factual Producers, Manchester, “Northern Stars” Panelist, 12 November 2006.
Hegemony and Cornucopia: Classical Scholarship and the Ideology of Imperialism,
University of Nottingham, “Greek
        Identity, the British Empire and the Exploitation fo the Elgin Marbles
” 10 December 2005.
ArchaeologicalInstitute of America 106th Annual Meeting,
Boston, “Hellenistic Kings on the Athenian Akropolis: Re-
        dating the Repairs to the Erechtheion,” 8 January 2005.
Myth and Image: Augustan Rome, Egypt and the East, University
of Wales Aberystwyth, “The Reception of Vitruvius: the
        Conflation of ‘Caryatid’ and the Erechtheion ‘Korai’ in Augustan Rome,” 9 July 2004.
Archaeological Institute of American 105th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, “Graffiti on the Erechtheion,” 3 January 2004.
Classical Association Centenary Conference
, University of Warwick, “The Lamp of Kallimachos and the Erechtheion,” 13
        April 2003.
Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, Seventh Annual Meeting of Postgraduate Researchers
, Institute of
, University College London, “New Images of the Erechtheion by European Travellers” 22 February,
Archaeological Institute of America 104th Annual Meeting
, New Orleans, “The Roman Reception of the Erechtheion –
, Rome and Spain,” 4 January 2003.
15th Symposium of History and Art, Reusing the Past
, Monemvasia, Greece, “Erechtheion Maidens: The Reception of
        Vitruvius in post-Classical Architecture” 20 July 2002.
Archaeological Institute of America 103rd Annual Meeting
, Philadelphia, PA, “An Obsession with Symmetry: Placing
        Harriet Boyd Hawes’ Unpublished Treatise on the Riddle of the Erechtheion” 6 January 2002.
Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, Fifth Annual Meeting of Postgraduate Researchers
, University of Liverpool,
        “The Anatomical Votive Terracotta Phenomenon in Central Italy: The Corinthian Connection” 24 February 2001.
Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, Fifth Annual Meeting of Postgraduate Researchers,
University of Liverpool,
        “Urban Dynamics and State Formation” Session Chair, 24 February 2001.
First Annual Graduate Research/Scholarship Forum
, University of Cincinnati, Poster Session: “The Anatomical Votive
        Terracotta Phenomenon in Central Italy: The Corinthian Connection” 4 April 2000.

Cornell Halai and East Locris Project                                                                                       2002 – 2007
Director of the Halai Archaeological Project: Directed the excavations of the Archaic 
                sanctuary, oversaw research on the
Hellenistic and Roman settlement and 
                administered day-to-day t
asks on the excavation and fund-raising activities. Activity
                to resume in future.
Corinth Excavations of the ASCSA                                                                                            Spring 2002
        Trench Supervisor: Excavated modern through Roman layers, processed pottery and finds, 
                oversaw four workmen

Greek-American Excavations at Halasmenos, Crete                                                                 Summer 2001
        Trench Supervisor: Excavated an Iron Age ‘megaron’, processed and recorded finds, 
                drew 1:20 plans and scarps, 
and oversaw four workmen
        Pottery Administrator
: Oversaw daily transport and processing of pottery
Cortona Excavations of the University of Alberta                                                                         Summer 1999
        Trench Supervisor: Excavated a Roman villa, processed and recorded finds
Janiculum Mills Excavations at the American Academy in Rome                                                Summer 1998
Troy Excavations of the University of Cincinnati                                                                           Summer 1997
        Pottery Analyst and Ceramics Co-Registrar: Processed pottery from Roman houses, 
                the Odeon and a kiln
, and entered the information into an internet accessible database
Palaikastro Excavations of British School atAthens                                                                  Summer 1996
        Video Notebook Editor: Made daily videos of on-site excavations and created a video 
                notebook cross-referenced with the archaeological field notebooks
Darkroom Supervisor:
Developed and printed contact sheets and prints for publication of
                site and 
small finds photographs
Agora Excavations of the ASCSA                                                                              Summers 1994 and 1995
Excavator: Investigated the area around the Stoa Poikile, the crossroads of the
Way and Byzantine/Frankish remains north of the Agora

University of Nottingham, Departments of Archaeology and Classics, UK      

       Research Fellow and Special Lecturer  2002-2006

    Taught “Topography of Athens", “Introduction to Roman Archaeology,” “Frontiers of the

    Roman Empire,” and “Classical Buildings” to undergraduates

    Taught “The City of Rome” to postgraduates

    Taught seminars for “Ancient Art in Context”

    Advised undergraduate dissertations

University of Cincinnati, Department of Classics, USA
        Research Assistant to Professor Getzel Cohen 1997-2001
Hellenistic city-states in the Near East, Levant and Egypt
        Research Assistant to C.B. Rose
Troy Project topics including the Çan sarcophagus and Roman sundials
        Teaching Assistant for Roman Art and Archaeology Course 
Spring 2000
                Graded exams, lectured and tutored students
        Slide Curator for Troy Project 2000
                Organised, labelled, catalogued and prepared Troy excavation slides for use by scholars 
and conference participants
        Assistant Editor of NESTOR
    Researched and published a monthly bibliography of books, reviews and periodicals on
the Aegean Bronze Age
        Teaching Assistant for Medical Terminology Course  Autumn 1997 and 1998
                Graded exams and tutored students on the Greek and Latin roots used in the medical field
Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Cincinnati, OH, USA 
Translator and Editor 1997-2000
                Translated French manuscripts to English and edited contributions to the “Women Pioneers
in Archaeology Project” volumes
Winter 1998
           Co-ordinated and conducted video interviews with archaeologists in the United Kingdom for
                the “Women in Archaeology Project”

Hood Museum of Art, Hanover, NH, USA
        Numismatics Intern 1994-1995
 Researched Greek coin collection for educational and cataloguing purposes
Dartmouth College, Department of Classics, Hanover, NH, USA
        Drill Instructor for Ancient Greek 1995
           Taught a fast-paced review class to students taking first year Ancient Greek
        Organic Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor 1994-1995

        Presidential Scholar Research Assistant to the Late Professor Emeritus Matthew Wiencke 1994-1995
                Investigated healing sanctuaries of ancient Greece and Asia Minor

University of Cincinnati, USA                                                                             1996 - 2004
        Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology
        Ph.D. Thesis: A Diachronic Examination of the Erechtheion and Its Reception
               [Download PDF]
                Advised by C.B. Rose, J.L. Davis, J.J. Coulton, and K. Lynch 
        Master’s Thesis: The Anatomical Votive Terracotta Phenomenon: Healing
                Sanctuaries in theEtrusco-Latial-Campanian Region during the Fourth
                through First Centuries B.C. [Download PDF]
                Advised by C.B. Rose and J.L. Davis

Lincoln College, University of Oxford, UK                                                         1995 - 1996
        M.St. in Roman Architecture and Hellenistic Art and Archaeology
                 Tutored by J.J. Coulton, R.R.R. Smith and E.M. Steinby

Dartmouth College, USA                                                                                     1991-1995 
        B.A. cum laude in Classical Archaeology and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
                Awarded High Honours in Classical Archaeology
        Senior Thesis: Amphiaraos and Asklepios: A Comparative Study of Their
                Sanctuaries at Oropos and Kos
        Major GPA 3.9/4.0, equivalent to UK First Class
        Foreign Study Program for Classics in Greece, Spring 1993

American School of Classical Studies at Athens                                                 2001-2003
        Associate Member 
        Summer Session Participant                                                                               2000
American Academy at Rome                                                                                      1998
        Summer Program Participant

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Alexandra L. Lesk


Research and Work Experience

Employment Objectives

I love teaching - seeing my students catch onto big concepts and ideas is immensely satisfying. Teaching is in my blood.

I am also interested in pursuing a career in research and writing scripts for television or radio historical documentary programmes.

Field Experience in Archaeology



Journal Articles
Lesk, Alexandra L. “Caryatides probantur inter pauca operum: Pliny, Vitruvius and the Semiotics of the Erechtheion 
        Maidens at Rome
,” Arethusa 40 (2007): 25-42.
Conference Papers
Lesk, Alexandra L. “New Images of the Erechtheion by European Travellers,” in SOMA 2003 Symposium on
        Mediterranean Archaeology,
edited by Camilla Briault, Jack Green, Anthi Kaldelis and Anna Stellatou, BAR

        S1391 (2005): 85-92.
______________. The Anatomical Votive Terracotta Phenomenon: the Complexities of the Corinthian Connection,” in
        SOMA 2001 Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology,
edited by G. Muskett, A. Koltsida and M. Georgiadis,
        BAR S1040
(2002): 193-202.
Conference Abstracts
Lesk, Alexandra L. “Hellenistic Kings on the Athenian Akropolis: Re-dating the Repairs to the Erechtheion,” Abstracts-
        Archaeological Institute of America 106th Annual Meeting
28 (2005): 91.
______________. “Graffiti on the Erechtheion,” Abstracts-Archaeological Institute of America 105th Annual Meeting 27
        (2004): 23-24.
______________. “The Roman Reception of the Erechtheion: Athens, Rome and Spain,” Abstracts-Archaeological
        Institute of America 104th Annual Meeting
26 (2003): 7-8.
______________. “An Obsession with Symmetry: Placing Harriet Boyd Hawes’ Unpublished Treatise on the Riddle of
        the Erechtheion
,” AJA 106 (2002): 296.

Dissertations and Theses
Lesk, Alexandra L. A Diachronic Examination of the Erechtheion and Its Reception. Ph.D. Thesis, University of
        Cincinnati, 2004.
______________. The Anatomical Votive Terracotta Phenomenon: Healing Sanctuaries in the Etrusco-Latial-
        Campanian Region during the Fourth through First Centuries B.C.
Master’s Thesis, University of Cincinnati, 1999.
______________. Amphiaraos and Asklepios: A Comparative Study of their Sanctuaries at Oropos and Kos,
        Undergraduate Thesis, Dartmouth College, 1995.

Blomerus, Paul and Alexandra L. Lesk, "Using AutoCAD to Construct a 4D Block-by-Block Model of the Erechtheion 
        on the Akropolis at Athens, II: Connecting a Database to an AutoCAD Model", CSA Newsletter XX (2008) No. 3.
Blomerus, Paul and Alexandra L. Lesk, "Using AutoCAD to Construct a 4D Block-by-Block Model of the Erechtheion  
        on the Akropolis at Athens, I: Modeling the Erechtheion in Four Dimensions", CSA Newsletter XX (2007) No. 2.

Lesk, Alexandra L., Eric Robinson, and Paul Blomerus. Visitor Display Boards for Halai Archaeological Site in East
, 2004.
Gran-Aymerich, Eve. “Jean Dieulafoy” Alexandra L. Lesk and Paul Blomerus, Trans., in Breaking Ground: Pioneering
        Women Archaeologists: Volume I
, Getzel Cohen and Martha Joukowsky, eds., University of Michigan Press,
        2004: 34-67.

Manuscripts in Preparation
“A New Reconstruction of the Interior of the Erechtheion,” Manuscript in preparation for submission to AJA.
“Hellenistic Kings on the Akropolis: Re-dating the Major Repair of the Erechtheion,” Manuscript in preparation for
        submission to
“An Obsession with Symmetry: Early Twentieth Century Reconstructions of the Original Plan for the Erechtheion,”
        Manuscript in preparation for submission to Hesperia.
The Afterlife of the Erechtheion: From Antiquity to the Present Day
. Manuscript in preparation.
"Three Medieval Ship Graffiti in the Erechtheion," Manuscript in preparation for submission to ENALIA.

Conference Papers

Invited Lectures

“A Different Sort of Empire: Hellenistic and Roman Athens,” Guest lecture for Jane Rempel’s Athenian Empire Module,
        Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield
, 22 November 2006.
“Where was the Monopteros of Rome and Augustus on the Athenian Akropolis? Using the Evidence,” Guest seminar
        for Dr. Jane Rempel’s Athenian Empire Module,Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield, 22
        November 2006.
Lord Elgin and the Erechtheion,” Departmental Seminar, Department of Classical, Near-Eastern and Religious
, University of British Columbia, 9 November 2006.
“The Afterlife of the Erechtheion,” Greek Archaeology Group, Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford, 27 May
“The Reception of the Erechtheion: Vitruvius and the Conflation of ‘Caryatid’ and the Erechtheion ‘korai,’” Department
        of Classics,University of Cape Town
, 12 February 2004.
“A New Reconstruction of the Classical Erechtheion” Guest Lecture for Kathleen Lynch’s Greek Archaeology Course,
of Cincinnati, 28 October 2003.
“In-depth at the Erechtheion” On-site lectures for American School of Classical Studies Summer Sessions, 10 and
        15 July 2002, 30 June 2003.
“PowerPoint for Archaeological Presentations” Seminar for the Faculty of the Archaeology Department, University of
, 23 January 2003.
“My Erechtheion: New Insights into Old Problems” Department of Archaeology Research Seminar, University of
, 16 October 2002.
“Introduction to the Erechtheion” On-site lecture for College Year in Athens, 11 June 2002.
“The Riddle of the Erechtheion according to Harriet Boyd Hawes: Historiography and Assessment” American School
        of Classical Studies at Athens Tea Talk
, 28 May 2002.
“The Akropolis at Athens” On-site lecture for the Gilbert School, 21 April 2002.
“Augustan Monuments of Rome” Guest Lecture for Brian Rose’s Roman Archaeology Course, University of Cincinnati,
        28 April 2000.
“Legacy and Propaganda: Monuments of Augustan Rome” Guest Lecture for Diane Harris-Cline’s Classical
Civilizations Course, University of Cincinnati, 26 April 2000.
“Ancient Greek Culture” Honours Scholars Program Lecture, University ofCincinnati, 26 January 2000.
“Stratigraphy and the Hisarlik Mound” Guest Lecture at West Point Grey Academy, Vancouver, Canada, 26 October
“Trends in Hellenistic Sculpture” Institute for Learning in Retirement, Cincinnati, May 1998.
“Healing Sanctuaries in GreeceInstitute for Learning in Retirement, Cincinnati, May 1997.

Television and Radio

“Women Pioneers in Archaeology” for the Women in Archaeology Project through the Institute of
Mediterranean Studies. Produced series of interviews with elderly archaeologists and the people
who knew them about their experiences in the field for archival purposes.  Interviewees included
        Helen Waterhouse, Vronwy Hankey, Mary Allsebrock and Vasso Fotou about Harriet Boyd Hawes,
        Sinclair Hood, Lucia Nixon and Helen Hughes Brock. 1998.
“Atlantis” in World of Mysteries series. Interviewed about Plato. Directed by Ben Duncan of Pioneer
        Productions. First aired on Discovery Channel 15 July 2002. 
 “The Battle of Actium” in Moments in Time series. Production Assistant to Christos Giotis of
        FilmGreece Co. Among other tasks, organised 80 oarspeople for filming onboard the replica of the
        ancient Greek trireme, "Olympias". Produced by Terra Nova Television.
Directed by Reuben
        Aaronson and starring Dr. William Murray. First aired on Discovery Channel in USA in October 2003.
“Monster Box Competition” involving Olympic gold medal gymnasts for Japanese Television. Costume
of ancient garments for presenters. Produced by FilmGreece Co. 23 August 2004.
"Plagiocephaly" on Radio Four's Women's Hour, about the deformation of baby's skulls and its
 treatment.  Aired in January 2006.


Ancient Greek        Post-graduate level reading proficiency
                      Elementary reading proficiency
                   Written and spoken fluently
                    Reading proficiency and elementary speaking proficiency
                  Reading proficiency
Modern Greek        Speaking and reading proficiency

American School of Classical Studies at Athens since 1994
American Institute of Archaeology since 1995
Canadian Institute of Archaeology at Athens since 2001
School at Athens since 2002
Society of Architectural Historians, UK, since 2002
Society of Architectural Historians, USA since 2003

Professional Affiliations

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